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Together for the sake of the future

Dear guests!

Thank you for visiting ANO ZVEZDA. We are non-government and non-commercial young, creative and dedicated team supporting initiatives and projects in education, science, sports, culture, youth  and social development. Our programmes were granted with Presidential Foundation for Civil Society Development of Russia, international businesses and companies which operate in Russia. We enjoy participants from all over Russia and the CIS gathering 3-4 times a year for the fantastic uniting and motivating events in various location of Russia.

Unique methodology for youth acceleration
We have crystallised own methodology to give special advantage and personal gain to kids we work with in past 3 years. They become more focused, effective, having  the vast experience in project team work, future economy challenges and much more flexible in personal communication, meeting their mates from all over the world. Join us in projects aimed at future of future generations!
Media coverage
Each and every project of ours receives great media coverage from both local and federal media. We receive great support in social media networking from participants of our projects, companies and universities we visit in expeditions we take. Usually we go on Expedition accompanied with 100 best pupils from all over Russia, crossing 5 regions in 14 days, having more than 90 dedicated events, meetings, lectures, etc.
synergy and cooperation for PR, GR, HR and CSR
We arrange intensive professional tests for our members at the best Universities, Companies, Factories, Businesses. Any entity can use our projects for gaining HR, GR, PR and CSR role, start up own programmes for personnel search and attraction of young and talented to their staff.
Access to the Youth and gifted
We are proud to be a personal data processing centre, which gathers personal and professional characteristics of our members, who are ready to become students, first time workers, etc. Our partners receive an access to our database of profiled members, where one can find a future engineer, designer, writer, photographer, mathematician, scientist and inventor for a business or a project.

Lomonosov International Club

Lomonosov International Club is the private initiative aimed at scouting for talented kids pan Russia and is one of the programmes authored by ANO ZVEZDA. Due to its significant social effect projects were awarded and partly financed by The President's Foundation for grants for the social development. The Lomonosov Club now gathers most educated pupils of higher grades from every region of Russia and the CIS.

We include kids into designated database which is available online for high schools, universities, factories and businesses for talent search. This also ignites country’s young workforce to migrate throughout the country for better future and makes more high-spec and motivated future workers.

Lomonosov Club offers various online activities, which gather young talents together for better education, professional self-determination within different professions and skills. Reserve is being built through online competitions with 5-6K participants from Russia and the CIS every half a year, writing their online essays on more than 20 different topics.

Winners of online competitions take part in offline expeditions, visiting different regions of Russia. One of the future projects will be dedicated to the Russian Volga and Silkway. While traveling on busses we visit factories, plants, universities, places of historical and cultural interest in 5 regions of Russia. Online essays are to be  expanded into full scale project where ideas are tested to be implemented into reality and help to resolve tasks for a certain region.

Good media coverage is built in federal and local media releasing more than 1500 notes and articles in 20 days. Ministers and federal government bodies sent their greetings to the participants of the previous projects.

Taking into account the important role of corporate social activity in the growing of next generations, we will be delighted to announce a company as the Partner of Lomonosov International Club. Sponsorship or charity will be reimbursed with wide PR, GR and advertising support at the local and CIS markets.

Lomonosov International Club

This is our reel on the feelings in our Expeditions